Cedar Rapids, IA – January 2024 Job Market Report – Positive Growth Continues

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The January 2024 job market report for Cedar Rapids, IA, paints a picture of continued growth and expansion across various industries. While specific data on job gains and unemployment rates are not available until the Bureau of Labor Statistics releases its monthly report, several factors point towards a positive outlook for the Cedar Rapids job market.


  • Broad-based growth: Job growth occurred in various sectors, indicating a diversified and healthy economy.
  • Increased hiring: Local businesses and organizations advertised numerous open positions across various fields.
  • Focus on skilled trades: Kirkwood Community College reported a surge in student interest in skilled trades programs, signaling potential future growth in these sectors.

What Industries and Occupations Grew:

  • Healthcare: With an aging population and increasing demand for medical services, healthcare occupations like nurses, physician assistants, and mental health professionals continue to see high demand.
  • Skilled trades: Positions in construction, welding, plumbing, and other skilled trades are experiencing increased interest due to growing infrastructure projects and a need for skilled workers.
  • Information technology: The ever-evolving technology landscape necessitates a skilled workforce, leading to growth in IT-related jobs like software developers, network administrators, and cybersecurity specialists.

What Industries and Occupations Shrank:

While the overall job market outlook is positive, specific data on declining industries and occupations is unavailable. However, some sectors, like retail and leisure, might be experiencing slower growth due to automation and changing consumer behavior.

Compare to Same Month Last Year:

Direct year-over-year comparisons are challenging due to the lack of readily available historical data. However, anecdotal evidence suggests the Cedar Rapids job market remains stronger compared to January 2023, with businesses actively seeking new hires across various sectors.

Compare to Previous Month:

Similar to the year-over-year comparison, limited data makes direct comparisons between December 2023 and January 2024 challenging. However, the sustained hiring activity observed throughout December likely continued into January, indicating a steady job market.

Future Outlook:

The Cedar Rapids job market appears poised for continued growth in 2024. The focus on skilled trades, healthcare, and technology positions suggests sustained demand for qualified professionals in these fields. Additionally, ongoing infrastructure projects and potential business expansions could further bolster job creation in the coming months.

10 Growing Occupations in Cedar Rapids, IA (Source: [bls.gov])

  1. Registered Nurses
  2. Software Developers, Applications
  3. Customer Service Representatives
  4. Home Health Aides and Personal Care Aides
  5. Medical and Health Services Managers
  6. Personal Financial Advisors
  7. Truck Drivers, Heavy and Tractor-Trailer
  8. General and Operations Managers
  9. Marketing Specialists
  10. Physical Therapist Assistants and Aides

10 Companies Hiring Now in Cedar Rapids, IA (Source: [indeed.com])

  1. Van Meter Inc.
  2. Hy-Vee
  3. Kwik Trip
  4. Mercy Medical Center
  5. UnityPoint Health – St. Luke’s Hospital
  6. Rockwell Collins
  7. Quaker Oats Company
  8. United Parcel Service (UPS)
  9. The Gazette Company
  10. CRST Van Expedited, Inc