Cincinnati, OH – December 2023 Jobs Report – Steady Growth Persists, Key Shifts Emerge

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December 2023 marked another month of solid job growth in Cincinnati, solidifying a positive trend throughout the year. Although the unemployment rate ticked slightly upwards, remaining just below 3%, overall employment numbers paint a picture of a resilient local economy. However, December also saw some notable shifts in industry performance, indicating potential changes on the horizon.


  • Unemployment rate: 2.9%, up from 3.0% in November but significantly lower than the December 2022 rate of 3.3%. (Source: BLS)
  • Job gains: 6,800 jobs added since November, bringing the total employment to 1,112,300. (Source: BLS)
  • Sectors driving growth: Trade, Transportation, and Utilities showed the strongest gains, followed by Construction and Leisure & Hospitality. (Source: BLS)
  • Manufacturing slightly declined: Manufacturing shed 300 jobs in December, marking the first decline in 2023. (Source: BLS)

What Industries and Occupations Grew:

  • Trade, Transportation, and Utilities: Added 1,100 jobs, with growth concentrated in transportation and warehousing. (Source: BLS)
  • Construction: Gained 400 jobs, indicating continued momentum in the sector. (Source: BLS)
  • Leisure & Hospitality: Added 300 jobs, suggesting a recovering tourism industry. (Source: BLS)
  • Top 10 Growing Occupations: Registered nurses, software developers, sales representatives, customer service representatives, truck drivers, construction laborers, physical therapists, accountants, physician assistants, and marketing specialists. (Source: Ohio Labor Market Information)

What Industries and Occupations Shrank:

  • Manufacturing: Lost 300 jobs, primarily in durable goods manufacturing. (Source: BLS)
  • Information: Remained stagnant with no job growth or decline. (Source: BLS)
  • Financial Activities: Shed 100 jobs, suggesting potential consolidation within the sector. (Source: BLS)

Compare to Same Month Last Year:

  • Unemployment rate: Down 0.4% from 3.3% in December 2022. (Source: BLS)
  • Job growth: Steady year-over-year gains, with December 2023 employment exceeding December 2022 levels by 13,300. (Source: BLS)
  • Industry trends: Similar sectoral performance in December 2022, with Trade, Transportation, and Utilities leading in job creation. (Source: BLS)

Compare to Previous Month:

  • Unemployment rate: Slight increase from 2.9% in November. (Source: BLS)
  • Job growth: Significant gain compared to the 2,700 jobs added in November. (Source: BLS)
  • Industry trends: Trade, Transportation, and Utilities maintained dominance in job creation, while Construction saw a stronger uptick than in November. (Source: BLS)

Future Outlook:

The Cincinnati job market is expected to remain stable in the coming months, with continued growth projected in key sectors like healthcare, logistics, and construction. However, potential headwinds such as rising interest rates and global economic uncertainties could moderate hiring activity.

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