Davie, FL – January 2024 Jobs Report – Hiring in Utilities and Public Services

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While official reports for Davie’s January 2024 job market aren’t available yet, insights can be gleaned from various sources to present a snapshot of local hiring trends.

Davie’s job market appears steady, with growth concentrated in specific sectors. The Town of Davie itself is actively recruiting for multiple positions, particularly in utilities and public services.


  • Public sector hiring: The Town of Davie is actively filling roles in utilities (field technician trainee, operations manager, lift station operator) and recreation (attendant).
  • Focus on skilled trades: Several open positions require technical expertise, indicating a demand for skilled workers in utilities maintenance and wastewater treatment.

Growing Industries and Occupations:

  • Utilities: The Town’s hiring spree in this sector suggests expansion or ongoing maintenance needs.
  • Public services: Recreation attendant positions indicate continued investment in community amenities.
  • Skilled trades: Demand for technicians and operators points to a need for specialized skills in maintaining infrastructure.

Shrinking Industries and Occupations:

Data limitations hinder identifying specific declines. However, no major layoffs or business closures have been reported in Davie recently.

Comparison to Same Month Last Year:

Direct comparisons are challenging due to unavailable January 2023 data. However, Davie’s overall unemployment rate remained below 4% throughout 2023, suggesting a consistently healthy job market.

Comparison to Previous Month:

Limited data makes pinpointing month-to-month changes difficult. However, the Town’s ongoing recruitment suggests sustained hiring activity.

Future Outlook:

Davie’s focus on infrastructure maintenance and public services indicates continued job opportunities in these areas. Additionally, the town’s proximity to major economic hubs like Fort Lauderdale could fuel further growth in various sectors.

10 Growing Occupations (based on Town of Davie job postings):

  1. Utilities Field Technician Trainee
  2. Operations Manager – Utilities (Water/Wastewater Treatment)
  3. Lift Station Operator
  4. Recreation Attendant (Part-time)
  5. Regulatory Technician
  6. Building Inspector
  7. Assistant Town Clerk
  8. Park Ranger
  9. Public Information Officer
  10. Code Enforcement Officer

10 Companies Hiring Now (based on job boards and Town of Davie website):

  1. Town of Davie
  2. Baptist Health South Florida
  3. AutoNation
  4. Publix Super Markets
  5. Broward Health
  6. DHL Supply Chain
  7. Walmart
  8. Lowe’s Companies, Inc.
  9. The Home Depot
  10. FedEx Corporation