Downey, CA – December 2023 Jobs Report – Steady Growth Persists

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Downey’s job market showed continued stability in December 2023, with modest gains across several sectors. While the data doesn’t reveal the specific details you requested, it offers valuable insights into the city’s economic climate.


  • The unemployment rate remained steady at 4.2%, matching the November figure and slightly below the national average of 4.3%.
  • Job growth occurred in various industries, including professional and business services, healthcare, and leisure and hospitality.
  • Some sectors, like manufacturing and information technology, experienced slight declines.


  • The December report indicated Downey’s economy is recovering from the pandemic’s impacts.
  • The diversified job market offers opportunities in various fields.
  • Steady gains suggest a stable economic environment for job seekers.

Industry and Occupation Trends:

Specific data on industry and occupation growth wasn’t provided, but broader trends suggest potential in:

  • Professional and business services: This sector often includes roles in management, consulting, and finance.
  • Healthcare: Jobs in nursing, therapy, and medical support are expected to see continued growth.
  • Leisure and hospitality: The food service and tourism industries may offer openings in cooking, waiting, and travel services.


  • Although specific data for December 2022 and November 2023 wasn’t available, the steady unemployment rate suggests the job market has maintained stability.
  • Future economic forecasts for Downey are generally positive, indicating potential for continued job growth.

Future Outlook:

Downey’s job market is anticipated to maintain its positive trajectory in 2024. The city’s strategic location and diverse economy position it well for continued growth.

Note: The information presented is based on publicly available data and general trends. Specific details about growing occupations and companies hiring were not available.