Dr. Lisa J Meier

Dr. Lisa J. Meier has extensive experience as a psychologist, primarily focused on thorough diagnostic assessments and planning for interventions and accommodations for people of all ages. She holds a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology and brings over thirty years of clinical expertise to her recent endeavors in business consulting and professional writing. Her current work includes exploring prompt engineering and its application in AI to provide detailed guides for managing disability accommodations throughout an individual’s life.

Throughout her distinguished career, Dr. Meier has occupied significant roles, including being the Director/Administrative Associate Professor at the Center for Psychological Services at George Mason University. There, she was responsible for supervising the center’s operations, clinical training, and service programs. She also contributed as a Staff Psychologist at The Women’s Center in Vienna, VA, and worked as a Consultant Psychologist at The Treatment and Learning Centers. In these positions, she broadened the range of comprehensive developmental and psycho-educational evaluations and offered critical consultation to educational institutions, childcare facilities, and families.

As an educator, Dr. Meier has been affiliated with George Mason University as an adjunct and term assistant professor, where she taught a variety of courses on intellectual and cognitive assessment, diagnostic interviewing, and more. She has been deeply involved in mentoring the next generation of psychologists by providing supervision, leading seminars, and delivering guest lectures at numerous institutions. Her scholarly work includes research on repetitive behavior, the mental health of individuals with intellectual disabilities, and the interplay between self-efficacy and depression. Dr. Meier continues to stay abreast of the latest research and methodologies in psychology.

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