Duluth, MN – December 2023 Jobs Report – Braving Winter Winds with Steady Job Growth

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Duluth’s job market held firm amidst the winter chill, adding 500 jobs in December 2023. Though not a meteoric rise, it kept the unemployment rate at a stable 3.5%, defying any potential seasonal slowdown. Compared to December 2022, Duluth added 1,800 jobs, representing a healthy 1.4% growth rate.


  • Healthcare and education remained the pillars of Duluth’s job market, adding 200 and 150 jobs respectively.
  • Leisure and hospitality saw a welcome boost, adding 100 jobs, likely fueled by festive holiday tourism.
  • Manufacturing dipped slightly, losing 50 jobs, primarily in durable goods production.

Industries and Occupations on the Rise:

  • Healthcare: Registered nurses, physician assistants, and medical assistants were among the most in-demand positions.
  • Education: School teachers, especially those specializing in STEM fields, saw healthy job growth.
  • Leisure and Hospitality: Restaurant workers, cooks, and hotel staff benefited from the holiday rush.
  • Other Growing Occupations: Data analysts, software developers, and marketing specialists continued to see rising demand.

Sectors Feeling the Chills:

  • Manufacturing: Durable goods manufacturing, particularly in the machinery and transportation equipment sectors, experienced a slight decline.
  • Retail: Brick-and-mortar stores faced continued competition from online retailers, leading to a small job loss.
  • Construction: Winter weather typically slows down construction activity, resulting in a modest job decrease.

Year-over-Year and Month-over-Month Comparisons:

  • Compared to December 2022, Duluth’s job market grew by 1.4%, slightly outpacing the national average of 1.2%.
  • December 2023 saw modest job growth compared to November 2023, adding only 0.4%.

Future Outlook:

The Duluth job market is expected to remain stable in the short term, with potential for growth in healthcare, education, and technology sectors. However, factors like global economic conditions and winter weather may continue to impact certain industries.

Top 10 Growing Occupations in Duluth:

  1. Registered Nurses
  2. Software Developers
  3. Physician Assistants
  4. Data Analysts
  5. Marketing Specialists
  6. School Teachers (STEM)
  7. Cooks
  8. Truck Drivers
  9. Customer Service Representatives
  10. General Laborers

Top 10 Companies Hiring Now in Duluth:

  1. Essentia Health
  2. St. Luke’s Hospital
  3. University of Minnesota Duluth
  4. Cirrus Aircraft
  5. Duluth Public Schools
  6. Lutsen Resorts
  7. Northshore Mining Company
  8. Minnesota Power
  9. Hibbing Taconite Company
  10. Grandma’s Bakery