Fort Myers, FL – December 2023 Jobs Report – Sunshine State Boom Continues

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The Fort Myers job market continued its positive trajectory in December 2023, adding jobs at a healthy clip and maintaining a low unemployment rate. The city outpaced the national average in job growth and boasted the strongest financial activities sector expansion in the entire state.


  • Unemployment rate: Stable at 3.0%, unchanged from the previous year and below the national average.
  • Job growth: Added 5,137 jobs over the year, a 1.3% increase, exceeding the national rate.
  • Fastest-growing sectors: Professional and business services (+2,800 jobs), government (+2,200 jobs), and financial activities (+4.5% growth rate).
  • Private sector: Expanded by 2,200 jobs (+0.8%).

Industries and Occupations that Grew:

  • Professional and business services: Added a significant 2,800 jobs, driven by roles in management, consulting, and accounting.
  • Government: Increased by 2,200 jobs, likely due to seasonal hiring in public administration and education.
  • Financial activities: Boasted the fastest growth rate in the state at 4.5%, with gains in banking, insurance, and real estate.
  • Healthcare: Added a steady 1,000 jobs, fueled by demand for nurses, therapists, and home health aides.
  • Leisure and hospitality: Showed modest growth (500 jobs), potentially indicating continued tourism recovery.

Industries and Occupations that Shrunk:

  • Construction: Shed 200 jobs, possibly due to seasonal slowdowns.
  • Retail trade: Lost 100 jobs, reflecting ongoing challenges in the brick-and-mortar sector.

Comparison to Same Month Last Year:

  • Job growth surpassed December 2022 levels, adding 5,137 jobs compared to 4,600 the previous year.
  • Unemployment rate remained steady at 3.0%, reflecting continued labor market stability.

Comparison to Previous Month:

  • Job growth accelerated slightly compared to November 2023, which saw an increase of 4,200 jobs.
  • Unemployment rate held steady at 3.0% for the second consecutive month.

Future Outlook:

The Fort Myers job market is expected to remain strong in 2024, driven by continued population growth, a diversified economy, and investments in tourism and healthcare. However, potential national economic headwinds could moderate growth in the later part of the year.

10 Growing Occupations in Fort Myers:

  1. Registered Nurses
  2. Software Developers and Programmers
  3. Personal Care Aides
  4. Customer Service Representatives
  5. Marketing Specialists
  6. Financial Analysts
  7. Construction Laborers
  8. Truck Drivers
  9. Physical Therapists
  10. Accountants and Auditors

10 Companies Hiring Now in Fort Myers:

  1. Lee Health
  2. Hertz
  3. Publix
  4. Arthrex
  5. Marriott International
  6. Chico’s FAS
  7. Sykes
  8. City of Fort Myers
  9. Lee County Schools
  10. Alico Inc.