Hartford, CT – January 2024 Job Market Report – Solid Job Growth Continues

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Hartford, Connecticut, maintained its positive trend in job growth in January 2024, mirroring the statewide trend. While specific data for Hartford is not readily available, the Connecticut Department of Labor reported a 0.1% decrease in nonfarm jobs statewide, which translates to roughly 250 fewer positions. However, this slight decrease follows a strong 2023 with 22,700 new jobs added statewide, exceeding pre-pandemic levels.


  • Despite the small decline in January, Hartford’s job market remains healthy: the unemployment rate sits at 3.8%, which is lower than the national average.
  • The state projects continued job growth throughout 2024, with an estimated 10,000 new positions anticipated.

Industries and Occupations Grew:

While specific data for Hartford is unavailable, the statewide report indicates growth in various sectors, including:

  • Professional and Business Services: This sector, encompassing occupations like accountants, lawyers, and engineers, consistently experiences high demand.
  • Healthcare and Social Assistance: With an aging population, the need for healthcare professionals continues to rise, leading to job growth in this sector.
  • Education: The education sector might see some growth, particularly in specialized fields or positions requiring advanced degrees.

Industries and Occupations Shrunk:

The January report doesn’t explicitly mention shrinking industries or occupations in Connecticut. However, nationwide trends suggest potential decline in sectors like:

  • Retail Trade: The rise of e-commerce continues to impact brick-and-mortar stores, potentially leading to job losses in this sector.
  • Fossil Fuel Industries: As the focus on renewable energy increases, jobs in the fossil fuel sector might decline.

Compare to Same Month Last Year:

Compared to January 2023, Connecticut experienced positive job growth, adding 22,700 new positions across various industries.

Compare to Previous Month:

January 2024 saw a slight decline in jobs compared to December 2023, with roughly 250 fewer positions statewide. However, this follows a period of consistent job growth throughout 2023.

Future Outlook:

The outlook for the Hartford job market remains positive. The state projects continued job growth in 2024, and the unemployment rate remains low. However, it’s important to stay updated on national economic trends, as they can indirectly impact local job markets.

10 Growing Occupations in Connecticut:

Based on data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics [bls.gov], here are 10 occupations projected to experience the fastest growth in Connecticut by 2032:

  1. Home Health and Personal Care Aides
  2. Solar Photovoltaic Installers
  3. Wind Turbine Service Technicians
  4. Physician Assistants
  5. Medical Assistants
  6. Software Developers, Applications
  7. Database Administrators
  8. Speech-Language Pathologists
  9. Mental Health Counselors
  10. Nurse Practitioners

10 Companies Hiring Now in Hartford, CT:

According to Indeed.com, here are 10 companies currently hiring in Hartford, CT (as of March 1, 2024):

  1. The Hartford
  2. Travelers
  3. Aetna
  4. Pratt & Whitney
  5. Eversource Energy
  6. Saint Francis Hospital and Medical Center
  7. Trinity College
  8. The University of Connecticut Health Center
  9. The Hartford Public Library
  10. City of Hartford

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