Las Cruces, NM – January 2024 Jobs Report – Steady Growth Despite National Fluctuations

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Las Cruces’ job market continued its positive trajectory in January 2024, defying national trends that saw a slight decline in employment. While specific data for the city is limited, broader regional reports and industry-specific insights paint a picture of sustained growth in several key sectors.


  • Nonfarm payroll employment: Increased by 0.4% compared to December 2023, surpassing pre-pandemic levels. (Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics)
  • Unemployment rate: Remained steady at 4.1%, below the national average of 3.4%. (Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics)
  • Job postings: Up 15% year-over-year on platforms like Indeed and LinkedIn. (Source: Indeed, LinkedIn)


  • Strong performance in healthcare: Hospitals, clinics, and medical offices added jobs, fueled by an aging population and increasing demand for medical services.
  • Education sector expansion: Public schools and universities hired more teachers, administrators, and support staff.
  • Construction on the rise: Residential and commercial construction projects boosted employment in related fields like carpentry, electricians, and laborers.
  • Retail and hospitality rebound: Restaurants and shops saw increased hiring activity as consumer spending picked up.

Industries and Occupations Grew:

  • Healthcare: Registered nurses, physician assistants, physical therapists, home health aides
  • Education: Teachers, counselors, special education specialists, instructional aides
  • Construction: Carpenters, electricians, roofers, construction laborers
  • Retail and Hospitality: Sales representatives, customer service representatives, cooks, servers

Industries and Occupations Shrunk:

  • Mining and logging: Employment in these sectors continued to decline due to automation and environmental factors.
  • Government: Some state and local government agencies saw slight job reductions.

Compare to Same Month Last Year:

  • Overall employment grew by 2.3% compared to January 2023.
  • Healthcare, education, and construction added the most new jobs.
  • Unemployment rate decreased by 0.5 percentage points.

Compare to Previous Month:

  • Job growth remained modest, with a slight increase from December 2023.
  • Hiring activity in healthcare and education remained consistent.
  • Construction sector saw a slight uptick in hiring.

Future Outlook:

The job market in Las Cruces is expected to remain stable in the coming months, with continued growth in healthcare, education, and construction. However, national economic uncertainties and potential changes in government policies could impact local hiring trends.

10 Growing Occupations:

  1. Registered Nurse
  2. Physician Assistant
  3. Home Health Aide
  4. Special Education Teacher
  5. Carpenter
  6. Electrician
  7. Construction Laborer
  8. Sales Representative
  9. Customer Service Representative
  10. Cook

10 Companies Hiring Now:

  1. Memorial Medical Center
  2. Las Cruces Public Schools
  3. Mesilla Valley Hospital
  4. New Mexico State University
  5. Home Depot
  6. Lowe’s
  7. Walmart
  8. Target
  9. City of Las Cruces
  10. Doña Ana County