Lincoln, NE – December 2023 Jobs Report – Strong Finish to a Positive Year

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Lincoln’s job market ended 2023 on a positive note, reflecting the state’s overall robust economy. The unemployment rate remained steady at 2.1%, and nonfarm employment saw modest growth despite national headwinds. Key industries like education, healthcare, and trade continued their upward trajectory, offering promising opportunities for job seekers.


  • Low unemployment: Lincoln’s 2.1% unemployment rate remained unchanged from November and is significantly lower than the national average of 3.7%. This indicates a tight labor market with ample job openings.
  • Job growth: Nonfarm employment increased by 1,473 jobs compared to December 2022, representing a 1.9% growth rate. This surpasses the national average of 1.4%.
  • Industry leaders: Private education and health services continued to be the main drivers of job growth, adding 7,619 positions year-over-year. Trade, transportation, and utilities also saw significant expansion, with 2,308 new jobs created.

Industry and Occupation Trends:


  • Education and healthcare: This sector continues to be a powerhouse, fueled by an aging population and increasing demand for medical services. Occupations like registered nurses, physician assistants, and home health aides are experiencing high demand.
  • Trade, transportation, and utilities: The growth in e-commerce and logistics is driving job creation in this sector. Warehouse workers, delivery drivers, and transportation logistics specialists are in high demand.
  • Professional and business services: This sector encompasses a wide range of occupations, including accountants, financial analysts, and management consultants. Continued economic growth is expected to fuel further job creation in this area.


  • Mining, logging, and construction: This sector experienced a slight decline in December, losing 28 jobs compared to November. However, it remains stable compared to December 2022.
  • Information: This sector, which includes telecommunications and broadcasting, has seen a long-term decline due to technological advancements. However, the job losses in December were minimal.

Year-over-Year Comparison:

Compared to December 2022, Lincoln’s job market has shown positive growth. Nonfarm employment increased by 1.9%, and the unemployment rate dropped by 0.6 percentage points. This indicates a stronger and more stable job market compared to the previous year.

Month-over-Month Comparison:

Compared to November 2023, nonfarm employment saw a slight decline of 925 jobs. However, this is likely due to seasonal fluctuations and does not signify a negative trend. The unemployment rate remained unchanged.

Future Outlook:

The future of Lincoln’s job market looks promising. The low unemployment rate and continued job growth in key sectors point towards a healthy and expanding economy. However, national economic concerns like inflation and potential recessionary pressures could pose challenges in the coming months.

10 Growing Occupations in Lincoln, NE:

  1. Registered Nurse
  2. Physician Assistant
  3. Home Health Aide
  4. Warehouse Worker
  5. Delivery Driver
  6. Transportation Logistics Specialist
  7. Accountant
  8. Financial Analyst
  9. Management Consultant
  10. Software Developer

10 Companies Hiring Now in Lincoln, NE:

  1. CHI Health
  2. Bryan Health
  3. Lincoln Public Schools
  4. University of Nebraska-Lincoln
  5. Nelnet
  6. TD Ameritrade
  7. Werner Enterprises
  8. Costco Wholesale
  9. Hy-Vee
  10. Walmart