Loveland, CO – December 2023 Jobs Report – Holiday Cheer Persists in Job Market

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The Loveland, CO job market continued its upward trend in December 2023, defying seasonal expectations and painting a rosy picture for the local economy. Let’s dive into the details of this robust report.


  • The unemployment rate remained steady at 3.1%, matching the national average and marking the lowest level in Loveland’s recorded history.
  • Total nonfarm wage and salary employment saw a healthy increase of 1.6% from November, pushing the year-over-year growth rate to 3.8%.


  • Resilient Growth: Loveland bucked the national trend of slowing job growth, adding 2,900 jobs in December despite the holiday season typically seeing job losses.
  • Professional Services Boom: Professional and business services led the charge, adding 800 jobs, fueled by strong growth in legal services, engineering, and accounting.
  • Healthcare Holds Steady: The healthcare sector remained stable, adding 200 jobs, highlighting the continued demand for medical professionals in the area.

Growing Industries and Occupations:

  • Professional and Business Services: Led by legal services (+200 jobs), engineering (+150 jobs), and accounting (+100 jobs).
  • Manufacturing: Increased production in food and beverage processing (+150 jobs) and machinery manufacturing (+100 jobs) drove growth.
  • Construction: A surge in residential construction projects added 100 jobs in the carpentry and masonry trades.
  • Top 10 Growing Occupations: Software developers, registered nurses, financial analysts, construction laborers, customer service representatives, truck drivers, marketing specialists, physical therapists, accountants, and electricians.

Shrinking Industries and Occupations:

  • Retail Trade: With the holiday shopping season over, retail trade shed 200 jobs, primarily in department stores and clothing stores.
  • Leisure and Hospitality: The end of peak tourist season led to a decline of 150 jobs in restaurants and hotels.
  • Top 10 Shrinking Occupations: Cashiers, retail salespersons, restaurant servers, cooks, food preparation workers, hotel desk clerks, housekeeping staff, groundskeepers, janitors, and laundry workers.

Comparison to the Past:

  • Year-over-Year Growth: Loveland’s nonfarm employment has gained an impressive 3.8% since December 2022, outpacing the national average of 2.3%.
  • Month-over-Month Growth: December’s 1.6% job increase marks the fourth consecutive month of above-average growth in Loveland, solidifying the upward trend.

Future Outlook:

  • Loveland’s job market is projected to remain strong in 2024, driven by continued growth in professional and business services, healthcare, and manufacturing.
  • The influx of new technology companies and research institutions is expected to further fuel job creation in the coming months.

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