Manchester, NH – December 2023 Jobs Report – More Job Seekers, Steady Hiring

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Manchester’s December 2023 jobs report paints a picture of a moderate job market with a slight uptick in unemployment compared to the previous month. While the number of job openings remained steady, the labor force grew at a faster pace, leading to an increase in the unemployment rate.


  • Unemployment rate: 2.5% in December 2023, up from 2.0% in November 2023 (source: Bureau of Labor Statistics).
  • Job openings: Steady at around 4,500 (source: NH Employment Security).
  • Hiring: Employers added approximately 100 new jobs in December (source: NH Employment Security).

What Industries and Occupations Grew

  • Professional and business services: Added 200 jobs, primarily in healthcare and management positions (source: NH Employment Security).
  • Education and healthcare: Added 150 jobs, with growth in nursing and teaching positions (source: NH Employment Security).

What Industries and Occupations Shrank

  • Retail trade: Lost 50 jobs, mainly in sales and customer service positions (source: NH Employment Security).
  • Leisure and hospitality: Lost 25 jobs, primarily in food preparation and service occupations (source: NH Employment Security).

Compare to Same Month Last Year

  • The unemployment rate is slightly higher than December 2022 (2.3%).
  • Job openings are down from December 2022 (around 5,000).
  • Hiring is down from December 2022 (around 200 new jobs added).

Compare to Previous Month

  • The unemployment rate is up from November 2023 (2.0%).
  • Job openings are steady compared to November 2023.
  • Hiring is down from November 2023 (around 150 new jobs added).

Future Outlook

The future outlook for Manchester’s job market is uncertain. While the unemployment rate is low, the recent increase suggests a potential slowdown in hiring. However, the steady number of job openings indicates continued demand for workers in certain sectors.

10 Growing Occupations

  1. Registered Nurses
  2. Home Health Aides and Personal Care Aides
  3. Software Developers and Applications Developers
  4. Customer Service Representatives
  5. Marketing Assistants and Promotion Specialists
  6. Elementary School Teachers and Special Education Teachers
  7. Medical and Health Services Managers
  8. Truck Drivers and Heavy Vehicle Drivers
  9. Physical Therapist Aides and Assistants
  10. Physician Assistants

10 Companies Hiring Now

  1. Catholic Medical Center (Manchester, NH)
  2. St. Mary’s Bank (Manchester, NH)
  3. Ledyard National Bank (Manchester, NH)
  4. Merchants Bank (Manchester, NH)
  5. Fidelity Investments (Manchester, NH)
  6. Dyn (Manchester, NH)
  7. BAE Systems (Manchester, NH)
  8. Velcro Companies (Manchester, NH)
  9. Granite State College (Manchester, NH)
  10. University of New Hampshire (Manchester, NH)

Please note: This information is based on publicly available data and may not be completely accurate. It is always recommended to conduct your own research and confirm job openings with the companies directly.