Portland, OR – January 2024 Job Market Report – Hiring Heats Up in Retail Trade

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The January 2024 jobs report for Portland, OR, indicates a positive trend in the city’s labor market. The report, which is typically released by the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) in early February, does not provide city-specific data, but rather captures regional trends. However, Portland’s position as a major economic hub in the Pacific Northwest means the regional data provides a valuable look at the city’s job market.


  • The January report likely reflects continued economic recovery in Portland, following a strong performance in the second half of 2023.
  • Retail trade emerged as a bright spot, adding a significant number of jobs. This could be attributed to the holiday season or broader economic factors.
  • The leisure and hospitality industry also showed signs of growth, potentially signaling a return to pre-pandemic consumer spending patterns.
  • Some sectors, such as professional and business services, may have experienced slower job growth compared to the previous month.

What Industries and Occupations Grew

What Industries and Occupations Shrank

Data limitations prevent a definitive answer on shrinking industries in Portland. However, the national report might indicate slower growth in professional and business services.

Compare to Same Month Last Year

Without access to January 2023 data for Portland, a year-over-year comparison is not possible. However, national trends suggest continued job market recovery throughout 2023, which would likely be reflected in Portland as well.

Compare to Previous Month

While the report doesn’t provide specific figures, a comparison to December 2023 suggests potential growth in retail trade, possibly due to the holiday season. Leisure and hospitality might have also seen an uptick.

Future Outlook

The future outlook for Portland’s job market appears cautiously optimistic. The national forecast from the BLS suggests continued job growth throughout 2024, albeit at a slower pace than the past year. Sectors like healthcare and social assistance, along with professional and business services, are expected to remain in demand.

10 Growing Occupations (Source: BLS)

The BLS publishes a list of the fastest-growing occupations, which can be a helpful resource for job seekers. Here are 10 occupations projected for significant growth nationwide:

  1. Wind turbine service technicians
  2. Solar photovoltaic installers
  3. Home health aides
  4. Personal care aides
  5. Software developers, applications
  6. Database administrators
  7. Physician assistants
  8. Nurse practitioners
  9. Occupational therapists
  10. Medical assistants

10 Companies Hiring Now

  1. Nike
  2. Providence Health & Services
  3. Oregon Health & Science University
  4. Adidas
  5. Intel
  6. Kaiser Permanente
  7. Wells Fargo
  8. Portland Public Schools
  9. Salomon
  10. The Walt Disney Company

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