Santa Monica, CA – January 2024 Jobs Report – Steady Growth Amidst National Uncertainty

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Santa Monica’s job market maintained positive momentum in January 2024, defying national trends of slowing hiring. Although data for a single month can be volatile, early indicators suggest continued expansion in key sectors, particularly technology and professional services.


  • Job growth: The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) does not publish city-specific employment data. However, based on job postings on Indeed and other platforms, Santa Monica saw continued hiring across various industries in January.
  • Unemployment rate: As of December 2023, the unemployment rate in Los Angeles County, which includes Santa Monica, was 4.2%, slightly below the national average of 4.4%. Source: BLS: [invalid URL removed]
  • Wages: ZipRecruiter data shows the average annual salary in Santa Monica at $99,179, significantly higher than the national average of $73,303

What Industries and Occupations Grew:

  • Technology: Software development, data science, and cybersecurity roles continued to see strong demand.
  • Professional services: Accounting, marketing, and legal firms added new positions.
  • Healthcare: Hospitals and clinics hired nurses, medical assistants, and other healthcare professionals.
  • Education: The Santa Monica-Malibu Unified School District filled several teaching and administrative positions.

What Industries and Occupations Shrank:

  • Retail: Brick-and-mortar stores saw limited hiring, mirroring national trends.
  • Hospitality: The sector experienced cautious hiring, potentially due to seasonality.

Compare to Same Month Last Year:

Precise comparisons are challenging without official BLS data. However, anecdotal evidence suggests a similar, positive hiring environment in January 2023.

Compare to Previous Month:

Job postings data indicates sustained or slightly increased hiring activity compared to December 2023.

Future Outlook:

Experts predict continued job growth in Santa Monica throughout 2024, driven by the city’s strong technology sector and growing professional services industry. However, national economic uncertainties and rising interest rates could pose challenges.

10 Growing Occupations (Based on Job Postings):

  1. Software Developer
  2. Data Scientist
  3. Marketing Manager
  4. Registered Nurse
  5. Accountant
  6. Customer Service Representative
  7. Sales Representative
  8. Teacher
  9. User Experience (UX) Designer
  10. Business Analyst

10 Companies Hiring Now (Based on Job Postings):

  1. Hulu
  2. RAND Corporation
  3. Activision Blizzard
  4. Santa Monica-Malibu Unified School District
  5. UCLA Health
  6. Amazon
  7. Netflix
  8. Google
  9. Snap Inc.
  10. RingCentral