Springfield, IL – December 2023 Jobs Report – Stable Employment Holds

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The December 2023 jobs report for Springfield, IL, indicates a stable employment landscape with minimal changes in overall job numbers. Let’s delve into the details:


  • Non-farm employment remained unchanged compared to November 2023, holding steady at around 105,200 jobs.
  • This stability follows a period of modest job growth earlier in the year, with gains observed in September and October.


  • The unemployment rate for the Springfield Metropolitan Statistical Area (MSA) was 3.7% in December 2023, slightly below the national average of 3.9%.
  • This unemployment rate represents a low point for the area, indicating a tight labor market.

Industry and Occupation Changes:

  • Limited data is available for industry-specific job growth within the Springfield MSA.
  • However, broader state-level data suggests growth in sectors like Leisure and Hospitality, Education and Health Services, and Trade, Transportation, and Utilities.
  • No significant contraction in any particular industry was identified.

Comparison to Previous Periods:

  • Compared to December 2022, the Springfield MSA saw a slight increase of 0.2% in total non-farm employment.
  • This modest growth follows a more substantial gain of 1.8% year-over-year observed in November 2023.

Future Outlook:

  • The future trajectory of the Springfield job market remains uncertain.
  • National economic headwinds and potential shifts in state-level policies could impact local employment trends.

10 Growing Occupations (Nationally):

  1. Solar Photovoltaic Installers
  2. Wind Turbine Service Technicians
  3. Home Health and Personal Care Aides
  4. Physician Assistants
  5. Software Developers and Quality Assurance Analysts
  6. Nurse Practitioners
  7. Medical and Health Services Managers
  8. Construction Managers
  9. Marketing Specialists
  10. Physical Therapist Aides

10 Companies Hiring Now in Springfield, IL:

Information on specific companies hiring in Springfield, IL, is readily available through various online job boards and resources. These platforms allow for searching by location, industry, and desired job title.

Please note: This information is based on publicly available data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) and may not be exhaustive. For the most up-to-date and comprehensive information, please consult the BLS website or other relevant resources.

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