Topeka, KS – December 2023 Jobs Report – Employment Stability Amidst National Fluctuation

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Topeka’s December 2023 jobs report paints a picture of relative stability compared to national trends. While the unemployment rate remained low at 2.9%, mirroring November’s figure, job growth slowed slightly. However, this stands in contrast to national concerns about a potential recession, suggesting Topeka’s economy might be weathering the storm.


  • Unemployment rate: Steady at 2.9%, indicating a tight labor market.
  • Job growth: Moderated compared to previous months, with preliminary estimates showing an increase of 1,200 jobs from November.
  • Private sector: Main driver of growth, adding 1,800 jobs, while government shed 600 positions.

Industry and Occupation Growth:

Industry and Occupation Shrinkage:

  • Information: Lost 100 jobs, potentially reflecting national trends in automation and digitalization.
  • Manufacturing: Shed 50 jobs, continuing a slow decline in the sector.

Year-over-Year Comparison:

  • Unemployment rate: Down from 3.1% in December 2022, signifying improvement.
  • Job growth: Slower than December 2022’s increase of 2,400 jobs, but still positive.

Month-over-Month Comparison:

  • Unemployment rate: Unchanged from November 2023.
  • Job growth: Lower than November’s gain of 1,800 jobs, indicating a slight slowdown.

Future Outlook:

The future trajectory of Topeka’s job market remains uncertain. National economic concerns might dampen local growth, but the city’s relatively strong performance so far suggests resilience. Continued monitoring of key indicators like unemployment rate and job growth is crucial for understanding the local economic climate.

10 Growing Occupations in Topeka, KS:

  1. Registered Nurses
  2. Software Developers
  3. Truck Drivers
  4. Customer Service Representatives
  5. Elementary School Teachers
  6. Marketing Specialists
  7. Accountants
  8. Financial Analysts
  9. Management Analysts
  10. Physicians

10 Companies Hiring Now in Topeka, KS:

  1. Legend Senior Living
  2. Pavlich Inc.
  3. Smithfield Foods
  4. Kansas Youth Dental & Braces-A Benevis Company
  5. Tanglewood Health & Rehab
  6. The University of Kansas Health System St. Francis Campus
  7. Evergy
  8. Stormont Vail Health
  9. City of Topeka
  10. Shawnee County