Vacaville, CA – January 2024 Jobs Report – Employment Stays on Course

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The January 2024 jobs report for Vacaville, CA, indicates continued stability in the local job market. While no significant growth or decline was observed, certain industries and occupations showed promising trends. This aligns with the larger picture in California, where unemployment remains steady.


  • The overall unemployment rate in Vacaville held steady at 4.5% in January, mirroring the December 2023 figure. (Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics)
  • Job postings across various platforms showed sustained activity, suggesting steady hiring demand.
  • Specific industries like healthcare, education, and professional services continued to see consistent hiring trends.

What Industries and Occupations Grew:

  • Healthcare: Positions for registered nurses, licensed vocational nurses, and home health aides remained in high demand.
  • Education: Vacancies for teachers, teacher assistants, and special education professionals persisted.
  • Professional Services: Roles in accounting, finance, and information technology showed consistent hiring activity.

What Industries and Occupations Shrank:

  • Retail: Limited job postings were observed in retail, with some seasonal positions ending after the holiday season.
  • Accommodation and Food Services: While some restaurants advertised new hires, overall hiring activity appeared subdued compared to other sectors.

Compare to Same Month Last Year:

  • The January 2024 unemployment rate is slightly lower than January 2023, which stood at 4.7%. (Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics)
  • Job postings data suggests comparable hiring activity year-on-year, indicating a stable job market.

Compare to Previous Month:

  • Unemployment remained unchanged from December 2023, suggesting a consistent job market performance.
  • Hiring activity across various platforms appeared similar to December, signifying stable demand.

Future Outlook:

The future outlook for the Vacaville job market appears cautiously optimistic. Continued growth in healthcare, education, and professional services is expected, while retail and accommodation & food services might see moderate hiring activity.

10 Growing Occupations:

  1. Registered Nurse
  2. Licensed Vocational Nurse
  3. Teacher
  4. Teacher Assistant
  5. Accountant
  6. Financial Analyst
  7. Customer Service Representative
  8. Software Developer
  9. Marketing Specialist
  10. Sales Representative

10 Companies Hiring Now:

  1. Kaiser Permanente Vacaville Medical Center
  2. Travis Unified School District
  3. City of Vacaville
  4. Vacaville Unified School District
  5. Walmart
  6. Home Depot
  7. Lowe’s
  8. CVS Health
  9. Walgreens
  10. Amazon

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