Waterbury, CT – January 2024 Jobs Report – A Tale of Mixed Signals

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While Connecticut’s overall employment dipped in January 2024, Waterbury’s job market presented a mixed picture, offering positive signs in some sectors but contraction in others. Let’s delve into the details:


  • Waterbury’s January 2024 job market data is not readily available from official sources like the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS).
  • However, resources like ZipRecruiter and news reports indicate job postings and hiring activity across various industries, suggesting some movement within the market.
  • A Winter Job Fair held in Waterbury on January 18th, 2024, further highlights continued hiring efforts by local businesses.


  • Specific job growth figures for Waterbury in January are unavailable.
  • Job postings and hiring activity suggest continued opportunities in sectors like healthcare, education, and childcare.
  • The Winter Job Fair indicates employer interest in filling positions across various industries.

What Industries and Occupations Grew:

  • Based on job postings and news reports, healthcare, education, and childcare saw active hiring in January.
  • Specific occupations in demand include Child Care Associate Teacher, Classroom Assistant, General Manager/Operating Partner (in the food service industry), and CDA professionals.

What Industries and Occupations Shrank:

  • Data on specific industries and occupations experiencing contraction is limited.
  • However, the overall statewide decline in employment suggests potential job losses in sectors sensitive to economic fluctuations.

Compare to Same Month Last Year:

  • Year-over-year comparisons for Waterbury’s January 2024 job market are unavailable due to data limitations.

Compare to Previous Month:

  • Comparisons with December 2023 are also challenging due to the lack of official data.

Future Outlook:

  • While January data paints an incomplete picture, continued hiring activity and the Winter Job Fair suggest potential for job growth in specific sectors.
  • The overall health of Connecticut’s economy and national economic trends will likely influence Waterbury’s job market in the coming months.

10 Growing Occupations:

  1. Child Care Associate Teacher
  2. Classroom Assistant
  3. General Manager/Operating Partner (Food Service)
  4. Registered Nurse
  5. Licensed Practical Nurse
  6. Customer Service Representative
  7. Warehouse Worker
  8. Delivery Driver
  9. Software Developer
  10. Marketing Specialist

10 Companies Hiring Now:

  1. Waterbury Public Schools
  2. Bright Horizons Family Solutions
  3. The Learning Barn Childcare Center & Preschool, LLC
  4. Sonic Drive-In
  5. Post University, Inc.
  6. Muriel Moore Child Development Center
  7. New Opportunities Inc.
  8. Saint Mary’s Hospital
  9. Waterbury Center for Nonprofits
  10. City of Waterbury