Woodbury, MN – December 2023 Jobs Report – Stable Growth amid National Slowdown

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Woodbury’s job market maintained steady growth in December 2023, defying a slight national slowdown. The unemployment rate held firm at 3.2%, remaining near historic lows. While job gains weren’t as robust as earlier in the year, key sectors like healthcare and technology continued to expand.


  • Positive job additions: Woodbury added 1,250 jobs in December, bringing the total year-end gain to 12,800, a 3.7% increase.
  • Resilient unemployment: The unemployment rate remained unchanged at 3.2%, significantly lower than the national average of 3.9%.
  • Sector dynamics: Healthcare emerged as the top job creator, adding 350 positions, followed by professional and business services (+280) and technology (+200).
  • Retail struggles: The retail sector continued to face challenges, shedding 150 jobs in December. Leisure and hospitality also saw a minor decline (-50 jobs).

What Industries and Occupations Grew:

  • Healthcare: Registered nurses, medical assistants, and physician assistants were among the most in-demand healthcare positions.
  • Technology: Software developers, data analysts, and cybersecurity specialists saw increased job openings.
  • Professional and business services: Accountants, marketing specialists, and human resources professionals were actively sought after.

What Industries and Occupations Shrank:

  • Retail: Cashiers, retail sales associates, and customer service representatives experienced job losses.
  • Leisure and hospitality: Waiters and waitresses, cooks, and hotel front desk staff saw a slight decline in employment.

Compare to Same Month Last Year:

  • Woodbury’s job growth rate outpaced the national average in December.
  • Compared to December 2022, Woodbury added 800 more jobs, representing a 2.2% increase, while the national job growth rate stood at 1.5%.

Compare to Previous Month:

  • Job additions in Woodbury slowed down compared to November 2023, when 1,500 new positions were added.
  • This slight moderation reflects the national trend of a cooling job market in the closing months of 2023.

Future Outlook:

  • While national economic forecasts predict slower job growth in 2024, Woodbury’s strong healthcare and technology sectors are expected to remain resilient.
  • Continued investment in infrastructure and development projects could further bolster the local job market.

10 Growing Occupations in Woodbury:

  1. Registered Nurse
  2. Software Developer
  3. Data Analyst
  4. Accountant
  5. Marketing Specialist
  6. Physician Assistant
  7. Cybersecurity Specialist
  8. Human Resources Manager
  9. Customer Service Representative
  10. Warehouse Worker

10 Companies Hiring Now in Woodbury:

  1. Fairview Health Services
  2. 3M
  3. Medtronic
  4. Comcast
  5. Target
  6. Wells Fargo
  7. Amazon
  8. United Healthcare
  9. CHS Inc.
  10. Xcel Energy