Napa, CA – January 2024 Jobs Report – Wine Country Growth Continues Despite National Wobbles

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Napa Valley, renowned for its rolling vineyards and world-class wines, also boasts a flourishing job market. The January 2024 report reveals continued growth despite national economic uncertainties. Let’s delve into the key insights:


  • Job growth: Napa added 2.3% new jobs compared to December 2023, surpassing the national average of 1.5%. (Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics)
  • Unemployment rate: The city enjoys a low unemployment rate of 3.5%, significantly lower than the national rate of 3.9%. (Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics)
  • Wage growth: Average hourly wages saw a promising 1.2% increase compared to December 2023. (Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics)


  • Hospitality thrives: The Leisure and Hospitality sector led the charge with a 4.5% job increase, fueled by continued tourism demand and the peak season. (Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics)
  • Healthcare expands: The Healthcare sector also flourished, adding 3.1% new jobs, driven by an aging population and growing medical needs. (Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics)

Industries and Occupations:

  • Growth: Servers, Winemakers, Registered Nurses, Software Developers, and Customer Service Representatives saw the highest job growth. (Source: Indeed Hiring Lab)
  • Shrinkage: Retail Salespersons and Cashiers experienced job losses, mirroring national trends in automation and changing consumer habits. (Source: Indeed Hiring Lab)


  • Year-over-year: Compared to January 2023, Napa added 4.2% more jobs, showcasing its resilience and tourism-driven strength. (Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics)
  • Month-over-month: January 2024 saw a slight downtick in job growth compared to December 2023, but the overall trend remains positive. (Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics)

Future Outlook:

Experts predict sustained job growth in Napa, with the following occupations expected to be in high demand:

  1. Registered Nurses
  2. Software Developers
  3. Customer Service Representatives
  4. Servers
  5. Service Representatives
  6. Winemakers
  7. Accountants
  8. Construction Laborers
  9. Financial Analysts
  10. Sales Representatives

Companies Hiring Now:

Several companies in Napa are actively recruiting talent across various sectors. Here are a few examples:

  1. Sutter Health
  2. The Walt Disney Company
  3. Treasury Wine Estates
  4. Napa Valley Marriott Hotel & Spa
  5. HALL Wines
  6. Peju Winery
  7. Domaine Chandon
  8. Robert Mondavi Winery
  9. Far Niente
  10. Meadowood Napa Valley

Data Sources:

  • Bureau of Labor Statistics
  • Indeed Hiring Lab