Round Rock, TX – December 2023 Jobs Report – Steady Growth Persists Despite National Slowdown

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Round Rock’s December 2023 jobs report paints a picture of continued economic expansion, defying the slight slowdown observed at the national level. With an unemployment rate holding steady at 3.0%, the city remains a competitive job market, particularly within the trade, transportation, and utilities sector. However, some signs of cautious optimism are present, as certain industries experienced job losses compared to November 2023.


  • Unemployment rate: Remained unchanged at 3.0%, mirroring the November rate and marking a significant improvement from December 2022 (3.4%).
  • Job growth: Total nonfarm employment increased slightly from November (1.345.9 million to 1.343.9 million), indicating continued job creation.
  • Leading industries: Trade, transportation, and utilities saw the most significant job gains, adding 3,000 positions between November and December.

What Industries and Occupations Grew:

  • Trade, transportation, and utilities: This sector experienced significant growth, adding 3,000 jobs (2.2% increase) in December. Occupations like transportation and material moving workers, sales representatives, and logistics coordinators likely saw increased demand.
  • Government: The government sector added 2,500 jobs (1.9% increase), potentially reflecting seasonal hiring within public education and administration.
  • Professional and business services: This sector saw moderate growth, adding 800 jobs (0.6% increase). Occupations in management, consulting, and finance likely contributed to this expansion.

What Industries and Occupations Shrank:

  • Leisure and hospitality: This sector lost 1,400 jobs (1.0% decrease) in December, potentially reflecting a seasonal decline in tourism and hospitality activity.
  • Manufacturing: The manufacturing sector also experienced job losses, shedding 700 positions (0.9% decrease). Specific reasons for this decline are unclear, but it could be related to broader national trends or shifts within specific manufacturing sub-sectors.
  • Information: This sector saw a small decrease of 100 jobs (0.2% decrease). Reasons for this decline are unclear and may require further investigation.

Compare to Same Month Last Year:

  • Unemployment rate: December 2023’s 3.0% unemployment rate represents a significant improvement compared to 3.4% in December 2022, highlighting the city’s robust job market.
  • Job growth: Nonfarm employment has grown by 2.8% (36,800 jobs) since December 2022, indicating sustained economic expansion.

Compare to Previous Month:

  • Unemployment rate: The unemployment rate remained unchanged from November 2023, suggesting some stability in the job market.
  • Job growth: Total nonfarm employment decreased slightly from November, potentially reflecting seasonal fluctuations.

Future Outlook:

While Round Rock’s job market remains strong, experts urge cautious optimism. National economic headwinds and potential interest rate hikes could impact local job growth in the coming months. Continued monitoring of key economic indicators will be crucial for understanding the future trajectory of the Round Rock job market.

10 Growing Occupations in Round Rock, TX:

  1. Registered Nurses
  2. Software Developers and Software Quality Assurance Analysts
  3. Sales Representatives
  4. Customer Service Representatives
  5. Truck Drivers
  6. Construction Laborers
  7. Marketing Specialists
  8. Accountants and Auditors
  9. Financial Analysts
  10. Elementary and Middle School Teachers

10 Companies Hiring Now in Round Rock, TX:

  1. Dell Technologies
  2. Apple
  3. Amazon
  4. Samsung
  5. IKEA
  6. Baylor Scott & White Health
  7. St. David’s HealthCare
  8. Round Rock Independent School District
  9. City of Round Rock
  10. National Instruments